Dont waste time

Dont waste time

It needs time

… to create … to perfect art, music, science …to learn who the others are and what they have to say …to understand who I am and what my tasks are …to keep up existing relationships and give them loving attention like a garden needs nurturing and watering.

Growing into worthy humans needs time like a tree needs its time to root down, grow tall, bring forth blossoms and fruit.

What a waste …  when we neglect our valuable potential and let it run like sand trickle through our fingers.

What a blessing for all around when we care, share and dedicate ourselves to a meaningful life and purpose. There will be fragrance radiating throughout the environment like the scent of blossoms traveling through the air.

Let’s not be wasteful and honor our precious time!

To all of you, I wish you a fruitful and blessed New Year!