Everything was created by Sound

Everything was created by Sound

When I look at nature, I witness everything alive, moves - the waves on the sea, the clouds, the branches of the trees in the wind, the busy insects and, we, the 'human' beings. So, there must be something that gives life to the body, gives it power to act and react. And then, when it withdraws, it takes the pulsating life force back. What is left behind: the material lifeless body. This vibrant life force upholds the entire creation, is eternal and purely spiritual.

Mystics from time memorial have given this life-impulse different names - Word, Logos, Tao, Sarosha, Celestial Sound Current, OM and many more. 

For those who have lost their dear ones, please remember bodies change, but soul likes to be free and has the vibrant life impulse inert to it.

Spherical Waves

Sound vibrates and has a frequency. It is audible (perhaps not to our outer ears) and can be melodic. On a spiritual level this is what creates and sustains the entire universe.