How to get into handstand

The following variations of handstand can be practiced, once you have the strength to stay up for some time.

Handstand – adho mukha vrksasana – is fun to practice. It often is a challenge to kick up the legs. Here is a way how to get up the legs: You need 2 bolsters. Place them as seen on the picture. Step back, in one swing plant your hands next to the bolsters and kick your legs up.

There are 2 things that need attention: keep your arms long and head down; so don’t look towards the bolster.

Handstand and Headstand in One

This pose is a handstand and a headstand in one. I use shoulderstand blocks under my head. How many blocks you need depends on the length of your arms – better too low than too high. If  you cant find the right height, you can adjust by using a folded blanket on top of the blocks.

How to get up: Place your hands next to the blocks. Don’t put your head on the blocks yet! First go into handstand with your face looking down to the blocks. Now swing your legs up. Heels touching the wall. Arms stay active and straight. NOW place your head like in headstand or sirsasana onto the blocks. When coming out, first lift yourself into handstand and then take your legs down.

Handstand in Ropes


Handstand or adho mukha vrksasana in the ropes helps release tension in your lower back.

How to get into the pose: First go into sirsasana or headstand in the ropes with baddha konasana legs. Then rap your legs around the ropes. Straighten arms and legs with your feet reaching up. To come out, take your legs back into baddha konasana pose in the ropes.