My favourite half lotus variations

My favourite half lotus variations

Bound half lotus-open twist

Place knee to the side. Extend from sitting bones thru upper body into crown of head

Seated ardha padmasana twists

These kind of seated twists release tension in the lower back. Just make sure you:

place your sitting bones equally down on the floor. This keeps the lower back on both sides evenly long. Otherwise you may compress the shorter side when turning.

Now, elongate and lift the sides of the trunk, turn the tummy, then chest and shoulders. This applies for both open and closed twists.

Bound half lotus-closed twist

Move pelvis along into your twist. Knee faces forward. Now extend from sitting bones up

How to get into pose

Come on your knees and place one foot into groin of other leg

Tree pose horizontal

Place the foot well into the groin keeping the inner heel long. Lie down on the floor with inner heel still long and knee facing direction end of mat – just like in upright treepose when having the knee facing down.

Personally I love this pose, it really stretches the inner groin and just feels good, provided you have no knee issues.


Tree pose prone

Keep knee facing direction end of mat

Tree pose horizontal

This variation is safer for the knee. You place the foot into the other leg’s groin. Keeping the inner heel long you protect knee and inner meniscus. Move the tailbone in and stretch from the back lower ribs up thru the arms.

This pose gives you a pleasant stretch in the groins as well.


Tree pose supine

Keep inner heel long