Şule Girmen

I started practicing yoga about 5 years ago. I attended 4 workshops Monika taught in Ankara. I was quite inexperienced when I participated in the first class. Regardless of the skill levels of the participants, Monika could engage all the group actively in the course. She combines meticulousness with humorousness while teaching. Her dynamic teaching style and in-depth knowledge of the topic she presents helps you to learn, to practice and to have fun all at the same time. She loves to give individualized care to each and every participant.

I particularly like the anatomy part of the courses. It helps me to combine the structural knowledge with function and to better visualize the posture. With all the props available and the variations of the posture covered, you and her work together to find a way to adapt that very posture to your personal anatomy/limitation/nature. She attaches importance to individual differences and lets everyone perfection things according to his/her needs. As you feel very special and satisfied thanks to the individualized care you get, this contributes to the harmony in the group. I am very happy to have known Monika and I believe we will continue seeing each other in the years to come