Joyce McKay

I went to see Monika as a private client as used to practise yoga many years ago, and as the years passed I gained a lot of weight and got older…(now 55 yrs old, but felt 85 when I started the classes). I  had a lot of pain with my knees (doc recommended a knee replacement), and also my Forward Neck problem was getting worse and I was so stiff.  Through going twice a week to Monika, she has helped me hugely.  The knee pain has subsided significantly, and my posture and neck (and shoulder) pain has also reduced a lot.  My posture is better also. I loved Monika’s approach,  she tailor made the programme just for me, and adjusted it throughout.  The vast knowledge and experience she has shines through constantly throughout the sessions. She is a wonderful listener and communicator.  I have now moved back to Scotland and Monika has given me a program that I can do at home and I am forever grateful and feel so blessed that our paths crossed and she helped put me on the road to my healthier (and happier) life.  Massive thanks to you Monika