The power when there are no thoughts

The power when there are no thoughts

Have you heard of Prathyahara, which means the outgoing faculties – seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching-  no longer go out, but draw back.  A state of peace, effortlessness and stillness. It is so quiet that even the mind is at ease and doesn’t speak. This is called deep relaxation.

Recently we have observed, what a radiant effect a group of people in deep relaxion has on the surrounding nature. Cats and dogs relax alongside them and the singing cicadas quiet down. All to be heard are passing cars and the swirling of the ventilators in these hot summer days.

Students made me aware of this happening and one of them said: ‘The power of thought!’ This struck me and I reflected on it: ‘No, it is exactly the opposite, it is ‘The power of no thoughts!’

An Indian teachings says that the mind is like a lake. The movements and waves on the surface of the lake resemble the movements (vrttis) of the mind. These are the emotions and the thoughts. When the surface of the lake is calm and there are no waves, we can look deep down. When no thoughts, we access our inner being and contact ourselves.

How beautiful is this? We attune ourselves, we attune our surroundings. When we learn to relax, let go and quiet our minds, the outer conditions will quieten as well and all will be at peace. So, there is hope 🙂