What is yoga therapy?

Therapeutically oriented yoga gives the teacher the opportunity to work on specific problem areas and to attend to students individually. It helps effectively with chronic problems, supports the lymphatic system, balances the hormonal  and the nervous system, and strengthens and aligns the musculoskeletal system.

A person with chronic pain can find help through the practice of gentle movements, through restorative yoga and breathing exercises. These kind of practices prove to be of great help in times of emotional upheavals as well as when suffering of depression and anxiety. A practitioner will find that her/his vitality has come back and will find a meaning and orientation in her/his life.

What is the difference between yoga and yoga therapy?

Actually the system of yoga is in itself complete. Together with Ayurveda it addresses all aspects of life; physical, mental and spiritual. Over time, many methods of yoga were created, including yoga therapy. I would say, the intention when practicing and teaching therapeutic yoga is different: A student comes for help and support, and the teacher applying yoga with therapeutic benefits answers it with the best possible knowledge and consciousness.

What makes a teacher a yoga therapist?

Many years of teaching experience, and many hours of training!

What are the benefits of therapeutically oriented yoga?

First of all, a student searching for support needs to have the sincere desire to get well and be open to change. Illness is a result of not being in tune with oneself, which comes through extreme stress, unhealthy nutrition, as well as addictive habits. Most of us need to slow down and relax. The achievement is a sense of well-being and healing in body and mind, contentment and orientation. I can say that I can observe this in my students.

Who finds most benefits with yoga therapy?

Everyone. People come for many reasons – mainly stress related problems, back, neck issues and scoliosis, neurological disorders like MS, depression, anxiety, thyroid disorders, women health, insomnia, high and low blood pressure, fibromyalgia, cancer, chronic issues and more. I have also witnessed that people come out of desperation to find relief from chronic illnesses and pain.