Urban Gardening

Urban Gardening

Growing my own Veggies

Seeing green

When looking out of my windows I need to be able to see GREEN…. to be able to view different shades of green and different structures of leaves. For me the window frame holds a picture of green textures. This feeds my soul and makes me happy.

There are many trees in my garden providing plenty of shade in the summer. So, not much space left for a vegetable garden.. But wherever there is some sun I planted tomatoes, peppers, onions, zucchini, beans, cucumbers, basil etc.


Teaching my grandson

Teaching children love and responsibilty for nature and fellow creatures is so important. They are the oncoming generation.

Thoughts – words – deeds

Since a long time I had the idea of growing an urban garden. Now I am happy that I am able to put it into practice. Many voices are heard saying how frustrating it is to see more and more land turning into concrete landscape. Reckless constructing without any respect for nature and all-round well-being. This gave me the push to be active rather than complain: creating a veggie garden in town.



Planting pumpkin

Planting the seeds for tomorrow

Produce from the garden

Happiness is eating from your garden 🙂

Thank you for giving me the space to introduce my little beside-yoga- project.

Happy bite

4-year-old co-worker