Elaine Davis

I feel privileged to have had the benefit of Monika’s yoga tuition, teacher training and (not least) friendship over the last 15 years. Monika possesses an innate ability to observe students and tailor their yoga practice to suit their individual needs. Monika places great emphasis on the creation of safe and effective personal practice sequences, in which complementary poses are brought together so that the entire body benefits from the experience. A keen exponent of Iyengar yoga and with years of dedication and experience, Monika encourages students to use props, maximising the benefits and enjoyment of their practice without strain or injury. I’ve never come away from a single class of Monika’s without feeling better than when I went in – whether the experience of that particular day’s class was one of being uplifted or de-stressed, re-energized or calmed, the effect was always positive. When I completed my 200-hour teacher training with Monika, although it was challenging for me to go ‘back to school’ at 50, it was one of the most intensely absorbing, rewarding and enjoyable periods of my life. Monika is the consummate professional teacher, able to maintain a perfect teacher/student /client relationship while remaining engaged, compassionate and involved, each as the circumstances demand. Fluent in English, German and Turkish, she continues along her own personal journey of development, regularly training with other teachers and practitioners, learning new skills as well as sharing established ones. Monika remains an inspiration to me (and so many of her other clients and students) and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I wish her everything she wishes for herself.