What are we here for?

What are we here for?

Rise and shine

Every living being has an unique role. This is true for all species – plants, animals and ‘humans’.

Every seed has an inert potential to it. Like the seed of a fruit tree to develop into a mature tree, carry blossoms, send out scent and give forth fruit. And each animal behaves accordingly to what it is designed for.

A ‘human’ being has a design as well. It is called ‘dharma’ in Sanskrit which means duty and purpose in life. I do understand, we have duties towards family and communities…., but also a responsibility towards ourselves. We ‘human’ beings carry the full potential and capacity to realize ourselves who we are, to radiate our inner wisdom and to grow into what we are concepted for, namely to raise our consciousness and to become a Hu-man being.

‘Hu’ in Arabic is the divine and Godly aspect, man or ‘manas’ in Sanskrit is the mind and mental aspect. Both aspects together in the living physical body are the ‘being’ aspect. So far, we mainly live the mental and physical aspect. The ‘hu’, divine aspect needs attention in order to unfold. Its characteristics are empathy, love, devotion, humility, kindness, compassion. So where do we stand?

For me the answer to the question ‘why we are here’, is to keep up high values and raise our consciousness on all levels. I think we then deserve to call ourselves human beings.